Fire Insurance Claims

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Fort Myers Fire Insurance Claims Attorney

Unexpected events such as hurricanes, fires, and flooding can put individuals and their families, homes, businesses, and personal possessions at grave risk. After such a catastrophic event, homeowners expect compensation claims to be honored after they have paid high insurance rates. Unfortunately, this assumption has proven to be unrealistic in several different circumstances, as insurance companies regularly refuse valid fire, flood, and storm damage claims, often without explanation.

At McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC, our fire insurance claims attorneys have plenty of experience dealing with insurance companies and the strategies they use to deny or delay paying out claims. Our legal team is dedicated to assisting homeowners in obtaining the compensation to which they are entitled.

Fire Insurance Claim Lawyer

We understand that dealing with the aftermath of a fire can be extremely stressful, especially if your insurance claim is refused. We have plenty of experience assisting customers at all phases of the dispute process, from those who haven’t filed a claim yet to those who are suffering severe delays or unjust treatment from their insurance providers.

If a dispute arises, our insurance claim attorneys have access to tools that enable us to conduct separate evaluations that may be utilized in discussions and settlements with the insurance company. We can work with specialists to establish the origin of the fire, assess the value of items lost in the fire, uncover the degree of property damage that the insurer may ignore, and estimate the worth of your claim.

Fire Damage Insurance Claim

In the aftermath of a major fire, insured homeowners seeking reimbursement for repair, replacement, and relocation costs should file a fire and smoke damage insurance claim. Filing the claim itself is simple. Obtaining coverage, on the other hand, is not always as easy.

The damages that will be covered in the case of a fire will be determined by the language in your policy. Some insurance policies may only cover damage directly caused by the fire, while others may cover problems such as smoke and water damage that resulted from it.

If you’re having trouble getting compensation from your insurance carrier for covered damages, our Florida property insurance claim attorneys can assist you by evaluating your claim and establishing whether you’re eligible to take legal action.

Reasons Insurance Companies Deny Fire Claims

Insurance firms often deny coverage claims or underpay policyholders for damage resulting from a fire, putting individuals who have submitted genuine claims through unnecessary financial hardship.

Insurance companies reject claims for fire and smoke damage coverage for a variety of reasons, including but not limited to the following:

  • Damages aren’t covered by your insurance policy
  • Claim was submitted after the policy’s deadline
  • Premium payments are late or absent
  • Coverage limits reached or surpassed
  • Lack of proof or record of losses incurred

Insurance claim judgments aren’t always made in good faith. It is important that you know what to do if your insurance claim is denied. If you believe your insurance carrier has wrongly denied or underpaid your claim, ask for a second look from one of our attorneys to see if there was an error on your insurer’s part.

Why You Need a Fire Insurance Claim Lawyer

Property insurance policies often contain complicated legal jargon that can be difficult to decipher and comprehend without a strong legal background. A skilled insurance claims attorney can assist homeowners in understanding the terms of their policy and making sure they have a valid claim.

Further, as a policyholder, you have the legal right to contest an insurance claim judgment you feel is insufficient. For example, if your insurer is refusing to examine your claim or is delaying payment, our lawyers can assist you in taking legal action against your insurer by pursuing compensation for covered losses.

Our insurance claim attorneys are dedicated to ensuring that property owners who have experienced fire or smoke damage receive the compensation they are entitled to under their insurance policies. We work hard to dispute our clients’ unsatisfactory claims and investigate for indications of bad faith techniques.

If you have incurred damages as the result of a fire and you are looking to file a claim or if you think your insurance carrier has unfairly refused or undervalued your claim, our firm may be able to assist you in taking the next steps. Don’t wait to find out what our fire insurance claims attorneys in Fort Myers can do for you. To book a case review with one of our experienced lawyers, contact McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC now by calling 239.935.8426 or filling out our online intake form.