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Business Legal Attorney in Fort Myers

Now more than ever, businesses face an array of legal challenges that require representation and counsel from a knowledgeable, experienced business law attorney. Both small, home-grown businesses and massive corporations alike must remain within certain regulatory and legal bounds as they run their company.

At McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC, our team knows exactly what it takes to address and solve the numerous legal challenges that come up during daily business operations. We also understand the amount of time, money, and focus that goes into running a successful business. Our primary goal is to ensure our clients’ efforts are worthwhile. We do this by working hard to limit any potential disruptions and achieving favorable results in the most efficient and effective manner possible. Whether you’re looking to launch a new venture, expand your current business model, or anything in between – the Florida business legal services attorneys at McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC can help!

Areas of Business We Cover

If you have a business in Florida, it is crucial that you work to protect your legal interests. McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC focuses on assisting businesses with a wide range of legal services. No matter the challenges you’re facing, you can be confident that our team has the knowledge and experience you need in order to succeed.

Here at McIntyre & Bermudez, we can help with a number of business legal services, including:

Business Litigation

Business litigation often deals with disputes and legal problems arising from business contracts and relationships, as well as any potential business-related controversies that might involve the general public. Business disputes that cannot be resolved through negotiation often end up in litigation. If this is the case, our attorneys are prepared to take your case to trial and fight for your business.

Business Formation

There is plenty to consider when forming a business. We will first learn as much as we can about you and your business goals in order to determine which legal entity meets your specific needs, whether that be a corporation, LLC, partnership, or another route. When then carefully draft the documents, agreements, and contracts necessary to help your business thrive as it grows.

Buying a Business in Florida

Purchasing a business requires more than just a big check and an idea. There are many challenges and complexities that may arise in such a transaction, but having McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC on your side can help ensure you navigate the process smoothly and effectively.

Selling a Business in Florida

Just as you’d want legal guidance in the process of buying a Florida business, you’d want the same while selling one. Business transactions require serious attention to detail. Our business attorneys can help in reading the fine print and ensuring that all of your legal and financial interests remain protected during the process. We also have extensive experience in handling Florida 1031 exchanges.

Dissolving a Business

When a business reaches a point where it must be dissolved for one reason or another, the process requires much more than simply closing the doors and walking away. For example, all assets and liabilities must be properly handled, every creditor must be dealt with, and taxes must be paid. Not to mention a large number of forms and documents that must be properly signed and filed with the appropriate agencies. When it comes to the dissolution of your business, our Fort Myers law firm can assist with all of these delicate matters and more.

Florida Business Contracts

Business contracts can be long and grueling, but that doesn’t mean they should be glanced over aimlessly. The point of a business contract is to detail specific plans of execution and operations, including matters dictating who is responsible for what, how things should be done, specific time frames for performance, and how things ought to be handled financially. These are important matters that must be carefully considered. Fortunately, our attorneys know how to properly draft, review, and negotiate these types of contracts in order to reach agreements that help our clients’ businesses thrive.

Florida Professional Licensing

In the state of Florida, many types of businesses require a professional license before they are legally allowed to operate. The license must be issued by a certified commission or board of professionals and subsequently approved by the Florida Department of Business and Professional Regulation. To operate your business legally and successfully, you must possess a detailed understanding of the licensing and permitting requirements necessary for your industry. Our attorneys will outline the necessary steps, ensure you are caught up on all paperwork, and otherwise do everything we can to help you obtain and maintain these professional licenses so that you can focus on growing your business.

McIntyre & Bermudez Offer Business Legal Services in Southwest Florida

Your Florida business is most likely one of your most important assets, so it’s only logical that you’d want to take the necessary steps to protect it. Rather than traveling back and forth between different firms for help with a variety of business law issues, rely on McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC and our experienced legal team. Our firm understands Florida business laws and regulations inside and out and can assist you in whatever legal matter you encounter.

At McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide individualized and personal attention to every case we take on. When it comes to the security and overall well-being of your business, the Florida corporate law attorneys at McIntyre & Bermudez, PLLC have the legal expertise you need. To schedule a consultation, give us a call at 239.935.8426 or fill out our online intake form.