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At the core of the Southwest Florida is a thriving and rapidly growing business community. The McIntyre Law Firm serves the needs of businesses from their initial planning and formation stages, through every aspect of running a business and ultimately selling to or acquiring competitors. Our Firm focuses on providing carefully tailored plans that match specific business needs. Our goal is to be your advocate. From the inception of your matter until we close your deal or obtain a verdict, we work tirelessly to add value to your business and to resolve complex challenges. Businesses we serve are unique and range from contractors, plumbers, roofers, pest control companies, and real estate firms, to venture capital teams and nationwide companies. Regardless of the size of your business, we can provide legal solutions that are tailored to your specific business goals.

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Homeowners & Insurance Claims

When building or remodeling a home there are a wide range of issues that can be confusing and intimidating at times. In contrast to the sun and warm weather we enjoy, there is also a list of hazards that homeowners face, including hurricanes, floods, mold, fires, and lightning strikes. The attorneys at The McIntyre Law Firm have helped homeowners navigate the complexities of construction and provided representation for hundreds of insurance claims that were wrongfully denied or underpaid. Our Firm takes the time to meet with each homeowner, to go over contracts in depth, and to carefully analyze insurance claims. Our founding partner spent years working for insurance companies and litigating on their behalf. With our industry experience we advocate for homeowners on a level playing field.

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Construction Attorney in Fort Meyers


The construction industry has been integral to our community for generations. Our founding partner also spent years working in in the HVAC and construction industry before obtaining his law degree. Through his experience in Florida, he garnered a deep appreciation and understanding of the challenges faced by contractors today. From carefully drafting form contracts and customer intake forms, to preparing letters of intent and notices to owners, to filing suit to collect delinquent contract payments, our firm provides a comprehensive array of services to contractors, engineers, architects, and construction industry professionals.

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Real Estate

Today’s real estate market calls for competent legal counsel that can provide prompt representation for a range of needs. Our clients have come to depend on our knowledge of the industry, including 1031 exchanges, the acquisition of multiple properties, and the formation of corporations to protect their new property. We also provide extensive due diligence services to help investors and companies when acquiring or selling commercial real estate.

Our firm also provides comprehensive real estate litigation services for contract disputes, foreclosures, landlord-tenant disputes, and evictions. After discovering a construction defect or when faced with a foreclosure, our attorneys help clients determine their property rights and formulate a plan of action.

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